About EduCulture

EduCulture helps Canadian higher education institutions boost international student strategies and increase admissions while dealing with the post-COVID-19 crisis, as well as effectively overcoming recurring academic and socio-cultural challenges. EduCulture involves preparatory English and Culture courses as a value-added incentive for international students so they quickly adjust to academic and social expectations whether learning face-to-face, or in the Canadian virtual classroom.

EduCulture is a division of Strang Intercultural Solutions (SIS). SIS is a training/consulting business that helps companies and educational institutions develop a competitive advantage by providing consulting services, intercultural training and building global alliances as they relate to the organizations' needs locally, provincially, nationally or internationally.

About Karen Strang and Melanie McVeety 

International education and teaching faculty experts, Karen Strang and Melanie McVeety, bring more than 50 years of professional teaching, curriculum development and international expertise to EduCulture.

Our skills and abilities include:
  • Experience and education in curriculum and course development and facilitation
  • Application and scholarly understanding of current trends and learning in higher education
  • Active engagement with the most current trends in intercultural concepts and global education
  • Understanding and integration of pedagogical principles for the most innovative and proven methods of teaching EAP/ESL
  • Creating inclusive and welcoming environments for learning and collaboration that accommodate learners’ and colleagues’ diverse educational needs and perspectives
  • Integrating educational technology into instructional and course design
  • Experience teaching, advising and supporting international student learning in a face-to-face or distance environment
  • Major project development, project management and delivery
  • Consultation and working with various private and government organizations and institutions to optimize comprehensive internationalization strategies
  • Delivering intercultural competency training

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